How to Login to Pinup casino?

To play for real money in the Pin Up casino, guests of the gaming club must register. Without a personal account, guests have access to only basic functions of both the site and free games without the possibility of earning.

But after creating an account and entering the Pin Up Casino personal account, gamblers will be able to:

  1. win real money;
  2. compete not with soulless machines, devices, but live dealers who will make the game more exciting and emotional;
  3. receive bonuses, accumulate bonus points, participate in the loyalty program and enjoy other privileges of the Pin Up India casino clients;
  4. use promotional codes;
  5. fight for the jackpot, participate in promotions, compete with other players in tournaments;
  6. manage your deposit, replenish your balance and withdraw winnings;
  7. track game statistics.

That is, visitors to the Pinup casino will not only be able to enjoy the gameplay, but also get a chance to make money. They will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of a gaming club that remain inaccessible to gamblers without a personal account.

Authorization process in your personal Pin-up account

It is not difficult to figure out how to enter the Pin Up casino, since the administration of the gambling establishment tried to simplify the authorization process in the personal account as much as possible. To enter the Pin-up casino it is enough:

  1. visit the official website and press the button “enter”;
  2. enter the username and password from the profile in the appropriate fields;
  3. make sure the entered combinations are correct;
  4. confirm the actions by pressing the button to enter the Pin Up Casino again;
  5. wait for the start page to load.

Also, the administration of the Pin Up India casino provides for authorization using social networks. To do this, the client’s account in one of the social networks must be linked to the account. As a result, the player only needs a password from the social network, nothing additional is needed.

It is important to emphasize that the Pinup Casino account is versatile. It allows you to enter the account not only on the official portal, but also to enter the Pin-up casino in the mobile application. Also, with its help, it will be possible to log in to the official mirror (it is necessary when the main site is unavailable). That is, you do not need to register a second time, it is enough to use an existing profile.

Access recovery

Sometimes users fail to enter the Pin-up Casino on the first try. In such cases, it is worth:

  • make sure that the username and password are entered correctly, and there are no typos and errors in the recorded combinations;
  • check the correctness of the input language and keyboard layout (special attention should be paid to the Caps Lock key);
  • make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a sufficient connection speed;
  • or use the means to restore access to the Casino Pin Up by clicking the appropriate button.

To return access to your personal account, visitors to the gambling establishment will have to specify their own contacts (phone number or email). The entered email address (or SIM card number) must be linked to your account, without this you will not be able to succeed. After some time (usually a few seconds), a letter from the administration of the Pin Up casino will be sent to the indicated contacts with instructions for further actions. Players will have to follow the instructions received and follow the recommendations specified in them.

If you fail to succeed, you need to contact the contact center staff and ask for their help. They will definitely understand the situation and tell you what to do.

What to do if your account is blocked?

Sometimes the clients of Pin Up India casino are faced with the blocking of their own profile. Usually this happens when players violate the rules of a gambling establishment or the administration of the club suspects them of committing fraudulent activities. Also, the entrance to the Pin-up casino may be unavailable due to the capture of the account by unauthorized people. In any case, it will be much more difficult to regain access to your personal account in such a situation. To regain control over your account, you need to contact the contact center of the virtual club (by writing a chat or sending an email) and ask the support staff for help. They will explain what needs to be done, after which it remains to follow their recommendations. However, it is often impossible to restore an account, since the ban for rule violations is final and cannot be canceled. Moreover, you will not be able to register again. That is, players should carefully follow the rules and monitor the safety of their personal account so as not to find themselves in an unpleasant situation. It is worth remembering that avoiding difficulties is much easier than trying to cope with them later.